5 Clever Ways to Organise Your Recycling

Posted on 08/09/2015

Tidy Ways to Organise Your Recycling

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If you are the eco-friendly type and care for the environment enough to have your own recycling system, then you might be the type of person who will spend hours of his or her day pondering upon ways to organise the recycling done in your home. It’s no good to have to hire a home clearance service from a green company every single time you need to take out the trash. That is financially unpractical and something you should avoid. What you need are some ideas you can implement in your quest for proper and easier recycling.

1. Have a Recycle Room
Make use of your basement or cellar or garage, if you can afford the extra space. Place all the main big containers you will be using for recycling there. This will be the recycling centre from now on. Whenever you get a rubbish bin full of recyclable materials, you take it here and distribute the rubbish to the proper container. You can label the containers as well, so that you don’t have to remember which is which.

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2. Have a Mixed Recyclables Bin or Bag
If you are in a hurry and cannot bother with redistributing rubbish, but just want to free up a bin in the house, have one separate bin or hang a bag on the wall for every type of recyclable rubbish. That way you can simply run to the recycling centre, throw out the rubbish in one place and go do your chores or job. That way you can always deal with your trash later, or if a family member is uncertain where to throw something, he or she can simply dump it in the mixed bag and you will deal with it later.

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3. Have Smaller Recycling Bins Around the House
To skip all the running down or over to the main containers and stopping to throw away the rubbish in its proper place, you can simply have smaller containers around the house and do the distribution along with the throwing away. This saves so much time and effort, and all you have to do is find yourself proper containers to use. Organise them in every room where things are thrown away in abundance - like the kitchen, obviously – and have your family do the distribution for you. You can even add some to your study for easier office clearance.

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4. Hide the Recycling Bins
Of course, having so many bins makes for a very trashy-looking flat or house. Even if you use the smallest number of recycling bins required (three), you are still going to place at least six bins around the house – for the kitchen and living room. So how about making the bins part of the décor and hide them so that they do not draw attention to themselves. For instance, you can place them in wicker baskets if you have ones big enough, or they can be parts of your cabinet. If you are handy enough, make yourself pull-out bins under the kitchen counters.


5.  Have a Compost Bin
Of course, not all rubbish is a subject of waste removal and can fit in a recycling bin. Food leftovers, for instance, or waste from garden clearance, should be dealt with separately. If you still want to deal with it yourself, and you have the garden to do it, then make a compost bin where you can throw away all the greens. Now all you have to do is learn about composting and start tending to your garden with your very own fertilizers.

Apply these ideas and make your recycling even easier. An organised home is a cleaner and a better home, and you helped build that.

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Rob Ryan

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