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On this page, you will find the terms of use as pertaining to our website when being used by a guests or registered user. Through the use of our website, you agree to these terms and to abide by them.

1. Accessing our site
1.1 Site access is allowed on a temporary arrangement, but can be taken away without the need for notice.
1.2 Access to various areas of the website may be restricted.
1.3 Any user identification material you have chosen or are presented with must be kept confidential. It must not be disclosed to third parties. Should a user fail to comply with the terms, we reserve the right to disable their access.
1.4 Anyone accessing our website through your internet connection should be compelled by you to adhere to these terms.

2. Transactions through our site and our liability
2.1 We act as an introductory agent between rubbish removal service providers and clients. In this respect, we remain authorised to enter into contracts with clients on their behalf. Once your booking enquiry has been taken, it will be allocated to a suitable provider (Provider) and you will be sent a confirmation email.
2.2 Once you have agreed with the term and condition of the services, as well as the terms found in the email, a contract between yourself and the provider is created.
2.3 Service provision responsibility will rest solely on the provider. The terms and conditions of the services are considered legally binding with regards to you.
2.4 We will act as your primary point of contact for the duration of the service provision, processing all payments using other means than cash on behalf of the provider.
2.5 Whilst every effort is made to find a suitable provider, the provider maintains sole responsibility for service provision.
2.6 Any feedback regarding providers is welcomed on 020 3743 8686.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
3.1 The intellectual property right on this site and the website’s content are owned by us and are protected by various copyright treaties and laws.
3.2 You are permitted to print one copy (or to download any extracts) of a page from the website to be used for personal reference.
3.3 You are not permitted to modify any pages or digital version of materials on the site in any fashion, or make use of any media (video, audio, images) separately.
3.4 You agree to acknowledge our status and the status of identified contributors as the authors of the website and its content.
3.5 Use of any part of the website for commercial purposes (without consent) is not allowed.
3.6 Should you chose to download or print copies of the site and in doing so breach any terms laid our herein, your right to use the website will be immediately revoked and you will be required to destroy or return the copies.

4. Reliance on information posted
4.1 Commentary and the various other materials used by the website do not pretend to reliance.
4.2 Any and all liability and responsibility that arises from reliance placed upon these materials is disclaimed by ourselves.

5. Site changes
5.1 The site is updated on a regular basis. During this time, access may be suspended or closed indefinitely.
5.2 We remain under no obligation to update materials on the site which may be out of date at any time.

6. Our liability for the site material
6.1 The material on the site will be provided without conditions, guarantees, warranties or otherwise with regards to accuracy: As permitted by law, the following is expressly excluded:
6.1.1 Any condition, any warranties or any other terms that could otherwise be implied using common law, statute, or law of equity.
6.1.2 Any liability for loss or damage – whether indirect, direct, or consequential – that is incurred in relation to the site, any linked sites, any materials posted herein, which include: Lost revenue or income; lost business; lost contracts and/or profits; lost (anticipated) savings; lost data; lost favour or goodwill; Any office or management time wasted, whether the cause is tort (as well as negligence), a breached contract, or any other cause, even those foreseeable.
6.2 The above does not affect our liability for any personal injury or death that may arise from negligence on our behalf, or our liability regarding any misrepresentation (fraudulent or otherwise), or fundamental misrepresentation, nor any of the other liabilities that may not be limited or otherwise excluded under pertinent laws.

7. Your data
7.1 We process your data in accordance with our policy on privacy.
7.2 Through the use of our site, you provide consent to this process and warrant accuracy of data.

8. Uploading material
8.1 Any material you chose to upload to the site must comply with our standards of content.
8.2 This material will be deemed non-confidential and non-proprietary; we reserve the right to copy, use and distribute this data, as well as disclose identities to third parties should intellectual property rights or rights to privacy be violated.
8.3 We bear no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or the content of materials users post to the site.
8.4 We may remove any material should we deemed it non-compliable with our standards.

9. Viruses, hacking and other offences
9.1 You are no allowed to misuse the website by willingly bringing Trojans, worms, viruses, logic bombs, or any material designed with malicious intent or to do technological harm. You are not permitted to gain non-authorised access to any serves or our site.
9.2 Should you breach this provision, it will be deemed a criminal act under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and will be reported to the relevant authorities and your identity disclosed.
9.3 We remain not liable for loss or damage of any type incurred by a distributed denial-of-service attack, any virus, or any otherwise malicious material uploaded to or inflicted upon our site, any downloaded material or any linked website.

10. Linking to our site
10.1 Users are permitted to link to the home page of the website, should they do so in a legal and fair manner, without incurring damage to our reputation.
10.2 Links are not permitted from any website you do not own.
10.3 You are not permitted to frame our website on any other site, nor are you permitted to link to any part other than the home page.
10.4 Should you wish to know more about use of our materials on the site, you may request this information via email.

11. Links from our site
11.1 Any links to third party resources or other sites you find on our website are provided for information purposes only.
11.2 We have no control over these sites, nor over their content or resources, and thus accept no liability or responsibility for them.

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law
12.1 Courts in England retain a non-exclusive jurisdiction regarding claims that relate to visiting our website; we retain such rights to proceed against you, should you breach the above conditions, in your resident country or any other relevant court or country.
12.2 The terms of use as laid out and any claim or dispute connected to them (as well as non-contractual claims) come under the governance of the laws of England and Wales.

13. Variations
We reserve the right to revise the above terms at any point by making amendments to this page. These changes remain binding to you.

14. Your concerns
Any concerns you might have about the site and the material therein can be resolved by contacting our team.

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