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One of the worst things about site management is having to get rid of rubbish and unwanted material and debris. It’s even more galling for you to have to pick up rubbish left by other people, especially if you have had items dumped on your site without your permission. If you are ever in the situation of needing a good rubbish clearance firm to help you out, Big Ben can be called in at short notice or booked in to complete good quality clearance services for you and relieve you of the burden of dealing with waste removal. Call us on 020 3743 8686 to find out more or read on for details of the services we can offer.

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There is no limit of property clearance services we provide

There is no limit to the extent of property clearance services we provide to people. Our workers deal with site clearance and the removal of broken and unwanted furniture, office contents, out of date food and business stock, builders’ waste and abandoned materials and site refuse and debris. Our company will arrive with the vehicles and the staff to take care of your premises and have all traces of rubbish cleared up in no time. We don’t mess about and get straight on it – our workers are not afraid to get their hands dirty and we have the machinery to deal with heavy loads of rubbish, or rubbish that has spread out and is hard to gather up.

If you contact us on 020 3743 8686 we can book you in for a slot at any time of the week. We are able to attend site at short notice if you need us to though in practice we try and find a time that suits our customers best so that their business activities and personal lives are not disrupted unnecessarily. We are experienced and trained to deal with rubbish of many forms and that spans from broken appliances to garden waste and agricultural waste. Whatever it is you need rid of our clearance services are all encompassing.

One aspect of our service that makes us so well regarded in rubbish clearance spheres is the fact that we dispose of all rubbish correctly and sensitively, bearing in mind the environmental impact if rubbish removal in the modern era. We will ensure that anything that can be recycled will be, and materials that can be broken down will be dealt with accordingly. Our company is about more than junk removal and we can assist with full scale jobs such as garage clearance and commercial clearance for businesses.

Big Ben uses the best equipment on the market

Big Ben uses the best equipment on the market to accomplish a waste removal job for a customer and we are able to not only get rid of unwanted items, but to clean up after they have gone. This is particularly useful to customers looking to get rid of builders’ debris and the dust and soot that can be left behind – if you contact us on 020 3743 8686 we can bring our specialist cleaning equipment to get it all dealt with quickly.

Our rubbish removal processes are very quick and with the right number of workers and vehicular access to site we can have the job done very quickly for our customers, leaving them with an immaculate set of premises by the time we have finished. If you want to know more or are looking for a free quote on a no-obligation basis then all you need to do is contact our waste removal company on 020 3743 8686 and we will tell you all you need to know about our services.

Contact us today020 3743 8686

Our Testimonials
Mona H 2022/12/06
I didn't have the means of disposing of everything myself. So, being able to hire Big Ben for the same day rubbish removal service came in handy. They were cheap to hire and did what was needed, just did a great job for me.
Kim S. 2022/12/03
I've hired them for rubbish removal quite a few times. Hiring them presents me with an easy option, rather than having to go to a local disposal plant and dispose of everything myself.
K. Andrews 2022/11/29
I hired them for rubbish removal after receiving what I deemed to be a very low-price quote. It was easy dealing with them. I let them take care of the rest.
Glenn S 2022/11/11
Rubbish removal service this company provided was exactly what was needed. I desperately wanted everything to be gone, wanted it all cleared on the same day. Thankfully, they were able to come around just hours later.

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