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If you contact us on 020 3743 8686 then we can give you your options when it comes to rubbish clearance. We all have a bit of a problem from time to time when there is a buildup of rubbish. Junk removal doesn’t have to be a day-long experience of driving back and forth from the rubbish tip or recycling plant. If you have clearance services like ours to hand then you don’t need to do anything and you are free to enjoy your weekend.

The best thing about Big Ben’s services in this respect is that we can do absolutely any job on any day for any customer whatsoever. Many of us have a problem with your building up in our properties or in our gardens. Plenty of businesses in London find that they have stock they no longer needs, materials they have no use for, old artefacts and machinery that has no place and absolutely any other form of waste that they need to be able to dispose of quickly. A quick call to us on 020 3743 8686 and the problems that you are having all go away very quickly and what a great deal of money.

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We offer very reasonable rates

We offer very reasonable rates for customers who are seeking help with rubbish clearance. For a set price you will get the benefits of our rubbish removal experts, the machinery and plant that we use and the sterilisation that we can perform at your premises or at your home to get rid of the adverse traces of any rubbish you’ve been storing. We can give you a quote over the telephone if you contact our customer services team on 020 3743 8686. If it is a particularly big job, we can come and visit your premises free of charge to see what exactly we are looking at. This way, you are in control at all times and know exactly what it is that you are spending.

The types of rubbish that we can remove from site take many forms. We can get rid of old refrigerators, washing machines and appliances and we will use the parts for those items in the most economic manner possible so that they don’t simply end up on the scrapheap. Our rubbish clearance company can get rid of more dangerous material such as broken glass and have the area carefully scoured to make sure that none remains afterwards. We can also get rid of splintered wood, sharp metal and any other potentially hazardous materials that you need us to.

We do our very best to recycle products

We do our very best to recycle products that we have removed from peoples homes and business premises. This makes our service as environmentally friendly as can possibly be. It also guarantees you a guilt free conscience when you are getting rid of it in one go. We don’t simply want it all to end up in landfill nor do we want to be dumping a lot of items and incurring high tipping charges. Big Ben is very experienced in dealing with a range of waste materials and when we embarked on any junk removal exercise we can very quickly work out what we’re going to do with all the various components.

A quick call on 020 3743 8686 and we can be with you on the very same day. Our services are performed very quickly and the workers we employ are efficient, reliable and well spoken. We monitor the performance of our workers regularly to make sure that customers are receiving the very best that we can offer.

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Our Testimonials
Brad Palmer 28/08/2019
We had Big Ben come and clear the rubbish from our kitchen after the remodelling. We were happy with the results and will recommend.
Joe Montag 27/04/2019
Fast rubbish clearance. Big Ben was inexpensive, and the lads did well. Will hire them again.
Linda Morton 24/09/2019
We appreciate the diligent, nose to the grindstone attitude of Big Ben's rubbish clearance lads. Their arrival was speedy.
K. Camden 24/03/2020
Definitely book Big Ben's rubbish clearance service in a heartbeat. They were so thorough and tidied up after. Amazing local business, so they deserve the support.
Al. Meyers 17/07/2019
Excellent rubbish removal firm! We've used them several times and each time has been above satisfactory.
Ariel Dumar 16/04/2019
Before we decided to hire a professional landscaper, we realized it was cheaper in the long run, to have Big Ben's garden rubbish clearance crew come out and rid our property of weeds and general mess. As the landscapers time was more costly than their cost of clearing the yard, we actually saved money!
R. Dellwood 15/06/2019
The rubbish clearance truck pulled up as expected, and cleared out our loft quickly. Recommend Big Ben for all such tasks.
Kyle Franks 12/05/2019
Quick and didn't stop until they finished. Great bunch of guys, packed it all up and carted it away. Booking their rubbish clearance service was easy, Big Ben made it so, plus they were attentive and cleaned the spot nicely before they departed.
Anson Turlington 05/03/2019
Fabulous rubbish clearance service took care of that rotted, wood porch in a mere few hours or so. Big Ben is also comparatively cheap.
Thomas M. 03/03/2020
Big Ben's man and van rubbish clearance service arrived to remove the waste from our yard and did very well.
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