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Plenty of businesses in the region take on new premises that are not in the best of states. Whether you are a building firm, a manufacturing company, a firm of accountants or solicitors or a governmental department setting up in a new unit, there may well be some mess left behind that needs to be cleared up to make way for your organisation. If you are in the tricky position of dealing with an office clearance Big Ben are the commercial clearance specialists you need to call and by dialling 020 3743 8686 you could very quickly have your premises cleared out completely.

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Our office clearance services are delivered efficiently

Our office clearance services are delivered efficiently, proportionately and in an organised manner. If we have an idea of the amount of material and objects we are moving then we can help gauge the staffing levels your job will require, the type of vehicle and machinery needed to round things off and the disposal points we will need to visit, which means that our service can be matched to your specific needs and kept within a realistic and attractive price range.

You can obtain a free quote from us over the telephone if you ring our sales team on 020 3743 8686 and you will find that our prices compare favourably with other clearance companies. Our services however are so much better. We aim to hit your targets in terms of timeframe and have flexible rotas for our property clearance team which enables us to come to your premises at a time that suits you, and deliver a very quick and reliable clearance service to your company when you most need it.

The office clearance services we provide to businesses is also highly considerate. No company wants to have a reputation for incurring unnecessary levels of waste which is why we use our skills to break down the volume you are depositing, and in any rubbish removal we deal with we are very keen to recycle material where possible in order to minimise the environmental impact of any commercial clearance we perform at your premises.

Our delivery team will take care of all the deposits

Our delivery team will take care of all the deposits and the transport of any materials, and we will ensure that once we are finished your office premises will be clean and tidy with no traces left behind. If you want to know exactly how our processes work, you can always call us on 020 3743 8686 and have our team explain just how we deal with your office clearance instructions.

Many local business leaders are impressed by the quality

Many local business leaders are impressed by the quality of the office clearance services from Big Ben and some of the glowing references we have been given appear on this very website if you would like to review them. We don’t deal with anything short-hand which means we won’t cut corners or do anything lazily – our team are closely monitored and supervised and we do not tolerate anything less than the most efficient and organised methods of working from our clearance professionals.

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Another benefit of our clearance service is the fact that we don’t leave any property in a poor state as many other office clearance companies do. Our team are fully aware of the health and safety implications for your company if traces of waste are left behind after a clearance and that is why we clean and tidy things very thoroughly when we have completed the job. If you are keen to benefit from the best clearance company in town call us today for a free quote on 020 3743 8686!

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Our Testimonials
Dale J. 2022/11/07
Booking this company for office clearance purposes turned out to be a great decision. I was worried that it might be a hassle and that getting rid of everything would cost a lot. That certainly wasn't the case with this firm.
K. Finch 2022/11/06
The office clearance job I booked them for was spot on. It was handled brilliantly by their professionals. After booking them in, I had nothing to do, just left them to it and watched the junk being eliminated from my property.
I. Jupp 2022/10/26
Their office clearance practices were ethically responsible. That appealed to me. I checked Big Ben out, got a quote from them, and eventually hired them to take care of things for me.
Karl H 2022/10/17
Because of my work, I often have to get rid of plenty of waste. I don't like the idea of my waste going to a landfill. So, hiring this company for office clearance after reading about their practices online was an easy decision for me.

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