7 Ways to Upcycle Flea Market Treasures

Posted on 23/01/2024

How to Upcycle Flea Market Treasures

upcycling flea market finds
If you have a home in dire need of proper redecoration, then you will need to work hard to do it without breaking the bank. In many cases that can be done by items found on flea markets and other sources of older possessions. Whatever was once discarded but not put into the waste disposal bin can serve again; as they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There is no sense in wasting valuable items by sending them for rubbish disposal when you can use them again. Let’s point out some of the ways you can make this happen with ease:

reuse folding chairs
•    Make use of your folding chairs again

If you have some of those simply lying around, then you can give them a second chance at life without too much hassle. You can do a simple job of fixing them up and modernising them with a nice coat of paint and some fabric and you’ll have them looking as good as new. There is no sense in treating them like part of the waste removal heap.

recycling soup cans
•    Reusing soup cans once more

You don’t have to be Andy Warhol to make soup cans cool. All you really need to do is pick up some old soup cans you may have around your home and use them as they are – colourful and useful in many ways. From decoration to utility you can use them as pencil cups or even a new way to store your spices in a creative way. It doesn’t take much; you can put them to use them pretty much anywhere instead of throwing them away for rubbish removal.

upcycled baby food jars
•    Reusing baby food jars

If you have your very own small human in your life, then you probably have a bunch of those around, wondering whether to recycle them or throw them away. Well there is no need to do any of that, as you can instead do something else entirely. You can simply use some fabric to line them up and you can hold votive candles inside operated by batteries. This will make the holidays more fun while using the jars once more. No more throwing away for rubbish clearance, but a new purpose.

old screen door
•    Reusing old screen doors

If you have some of those around your home you can reuse them by turning them into a hanging pot rack. It won’t take way too much to pull it off, so just grab one if you have it and add some hooks to it. Most pots and pans will not be heavy enough to be an issue, as long as you don’t use cast iron skillets.

recycling a jar
•    Recycling jars

Next time you end up with a bunch of jars that you see no purpose for, you can give them another chance by using washi tape or lace. You can use them to hold makeup pens, brushes, pencils, rubber bands, as well as loose change and a bunch of other items you may need to keep under control. There is no sense in throwing anything away you don’t need to during waste collection.

repurposing a rake
•    Repurposing an old rake

If you have one you don’t need you can make use of it again by removing its handle. You can use the head by attaching it to a wall with some screws and you will have an instant coat hanger or even a wine glass holder, assuming it is long enough. Why toss it out if you can use it again?

pot planter
•    Using a pot or bowl in the garden

Assuming you have one or several of the old-fashioned enamelled pots, then you can give them a second chance. All you need to do is drill some holes in them, then either leave them in a cosy corner of your garden or hang them up somewhere where you can use them as planters. No point in making them a part of your rubbish removal heap, is there?

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