Clearance After Building A Garden Shed In Acton

Posted on 22/02/2015

How to Clearance After Building A Garden Shed In Acton

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If you have been feeling like your garden in Acton is lacking an extra feature, it might just the solution to build a garden shed. Garden sheds come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is bound to be one that suits your yard. A garden shed is a practical organisation solution and will make your gardening needs much easier having all the tools and equipment stored neatly. While it may seem like a big project to begin with, having a garden shed will save you time and effort in the long run.

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Building a garden shed, however, takes considerable planning and organising. It is important to research thoroughly on the dimensions the shed will be, the materials you will need, and the instructions for the building process. Once the garden shed is complete, there is still the clearance that needs to be attended to. There will be a lot of builders’ waste clearance that you need to remove from your garden space in Acton, W3. Depending on the type of materials you use to build your shed, there will be different ways you can clear them away. For wood or timber offcuts, these can generally be recycled or used as fire wood. You can also consider upcycling them into a bird house or using them to build a garden bed frame.

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In addition to this, to build a garden shed you will need to clear away some space in the garden. This generally involves removing trees or shrubs or grass so you may also have a lot of garden waste to remove. There are some elements of garden waste clearance that need to be handled by professional. To remove tree trunks or shrubs, you should consider hiring professional clearing services to attend to these. If you aren’t sure how to remove them, you can risk damaging the soil and the entire garden area. Another benefit to hiring professionals for this is that they are able to dispose of solid tree trunks or bulky shrubs in the correct way.

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With other garden offcuts, these can be placed in the green waste recycling bin, or used in other ways. Using the leaves, tree cuttings, and branches and mowed grass, you can create your own organic compost. This is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to maintaining your garden in the W12 district after the shed has been built. A compost bin can sit effectively on the side of the garden shed and will be easily accessible when you are planting and fertilising your garden. This also reduces the amount of waste that needs to go in the green waste recycling bin.

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To make your life easier when clearing up during and after the building project, why not consider skip hire in Acton. This will be a perfect solution during the building process and disposing of the waste afterwards. There are skips for hard rubbish and green waste, or you can hire two separate skips. The hard rubbish skip will take care of the building materials such as wood offcuts, while a green waste skip will allow you toss the garden clearance in straight away. This takes off the pressure of worrying about filling up your regular green waste bin. Once you have finished with the skip hire period, you can have someone take the skip and its contents away so that you don’t have to worry about disposing of the waste yourself.

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