Clearing a Large Property

Posted on 23/01/2024

Efficient Way Clearing a Large Property

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Those who live on a larger property may be familiar with the unpleasant sense of guilt when looking out and seeing an ever-growing junk yard inhabiting out the back. Property clearance can seem like an onerous and never-ending task. But there are many ways you can tackle the task of clearing a large property and take control with junk disposal techniques. This list can get you started with a few handy tips.

- Recycle your unwanted items properly as an environmentally friendly and cost effective means to waste removal. Your local council facility should have information available on what recycling services are on offer. As a general rule, wood, metal, paper, glass and plastics can be recycled.

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- Donate to charity if you want to de-clutter the wardrobe or need to get rid of old furniture. If clothes are in good condition and furniture is of a high standard, charity shops will accept these as donations. Remember that your unwanted items can make all the difference in someone else’s life!

- Sell it on eBay or another online classifieds website. On a large property there are often items such as machinery, bicycles, furniture, resources for animals and other such items that can be worth a lot of money. Ensure they are in quality condition before selling.

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- Skip hire is the best way to deal with waste disposal when having a large property clearance. Having a skip for someone to dump unwanted, broken, damaged and rusted items is the most effective way to attend to rubbish clearance. This method avoids you ending up with another junk pile!

-  Man with a van services are worth hiring for rubbish removal. There are many removal companies that can remove rubbish on the day of a property clearance. This will prevent the rubbish becoming an unwanted permanent feature in the yard. When hiring any clearance company, remember to get a quote before and make it very clear what services you need. Ensure the company is insured and has accredited qualified team members who can correctly assist your property clearance.

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With large property clearing, it best to attend to the many tasks at hand in stages. It’s not only the backyard and fields that need to be cleared, but also the inside of the house. To make the whole process more achievable, consider the following steps during your preparation and organisation time:

- Plan ahead and write a list of things that need to be achieved in each area of the property

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- Systematically place the junk once cleared into categorised bags or boxes

- Place a sticker or label on each bag or box as to what you wish to do with it, for example donate, sell, recycle, dispose of etc

- Be wary of identity theft and ensure personal documents with high security information are shredded or burned

- Be mindful of dust and dirt build up in highly cluttered areas and protect your health by wearing a face mask

- Make sure you are competent and able-bodied before lifting and shifting heavy items and always use correct posture when lifting

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- Drink plenty of water and have some high energy snacks on hand during the clearance day

- Don’t forget that are a number of property clearance services who can make your life easier during any stage of a large clearance.

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