Clever Ideas for Reusing Old Tyres

Posted on 06/10/2015

Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Tires

Old Tyres Reusal

Do you really think those old car tyres are useless and cannot add to anything except a heap for waste disposal? Postpone the rubbish clearance a bit and think about it – do you really think that you cannot prolong the usefulness of old tyres with absolutely anything? If you do, you are wrong. The tyres are useful long after you take them off your car and can give your imagination a big stir once you sit and consider what else you can use them for.

• Reuse tyres as shelves
Is this really so baffling? Take a tyre, add two or more planks inside and hang it on a wall. Now you have your very own customised shelf. Use it for decorations, for photos, for toys, for books, or anything else you can think of. Just don’t use it for candles – you will soon find out that a candle burning beneath a rubber surface is not the best idea you can have.

Old Tyres Collection and Removal

• Reuse tyres as swings
If you are handy enough, you can surprise your kid with a great swing in the garden. You can either attach it to a big branch of a tree in your backyard, or you can make your own structure. Whatever you choose, make sure the construction is sturdy and that it would hold an adult person’s weight, otherwise just add the tyre to the junk disposal heap.

Tyres Reusal

• Reuse tyres as rocking seats
Do you know how fun tyres can be? Slice one in half and attach a plank perpendicularly to the cut part. Now you have a fun rocking seat to learn how to balance on. Just be sure to use it over softer ground before you get used to it.

• Reuse tyres as decorations
Your garden can benefit quite a lot from an old tyre. You can use tyres to make a fence around your garden, and you can paint them to make it a vibrant fence that will add to the colourful flowers you want to grow. Sounds better than being a subject of waste clearance, right?

Tyre Decoration

• Reuse tyres as plant pots
There is such a variety of ways to do this. If you drop a tyre in the garden and fill it with soil, you have a pot – it is that simple. You can even spread or order a few of them around and make them the essential garden. But you can apply more imagination to make an even better pot. For example, you can pile two or more tyres on top of one another and make a whole planter not only for a flower, but for a bush or even a tree. Alternatively, you can make a hanging pot by hanging a tyre somewhere and filling its inside with soil. Make a few holes at the bottom for drainage, and you can now plant inside the tyre!

Tyre Planter

• Reuse tyres as an obstacle course
If you have enough tyres, you can actually order them from one side of the yard to the other and have your own obstacle course for exercising. Once you are too tired of it (pun not intended), you can fill them with soil and make a flower or vegetable garden.

Tyre Obstacle

• Reuse tyres as furniture
Tyres can definitely be repurposed into furniture. With just one tyre, you can enclose it in some kind of fabric, or case and fill or cover its hole with something and you will have your very own ottoman. You can pile up tyres for a bigger stool, or you can pile two and add a wooden board or a glass panel above them to make a table. You can make many more things if you put your mind to it.

Tyre Furniture

At the end of the day, the last thing you should be using tyres for is collecting them for rubbish removal. They can be much more than junk to be disposed. Work with your imagination and creativity to unlock that potential.

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