Construction Waste Removal

Posted on 03/05/2023

How to Construction Waste Removal

Whether you are building a new building, adding another storey or renovating an old one, any waste that is generated from a property is generally the responsibility of the landlord in most local councils in the UK. If you are a tenant, you might want to refer to your tenancy agreement to check whether your landlord has designated you responsible for any construction, demolition or garden waste that originates on the property. If so, then you might want to think of ways to get rid of that pile of rubble in your yard or pay someone to do it. If the tenant has vacated the property, then it is the responsibility of the landlord to arrange for clearance of the rubbish left behind by the tenant. Most councils in UK will charge for clearance services of this sort, so it is worthwhile for a landlord to arrange for disposing these waste piles as soon as possible while the tenants are still moving or otherwise you may end up pursuing you ex-tenants for a reimbursement, but that is likely to be take a lot of your time and money.

When it comes to rubbish removal for a larger heap, particularly full of construction material, there are only one of these two options available for you – 1) hire a skip or 2) hire a man and van waste carrier service. Which service you hire depends a lot on the amount of waste material you have and the kind of waste that needs to be disposed.

When should you hire a skip?
If you do not have truckloads of waste materials but mostly that of the heavy kind, like rubble or soil, it would be a good idea to hire a skip. Also, if the amount of stuff you have to dispose is only likely to fill half of a skip, then you could also have the option of sharing it with someone in the neighbourhood. But remember that hiring a skip means that you might have to get a special permit from the council if you intend to put it in a public spot, like a road or a pavement. You must discuss this with your clearance services and see if they are willing to arrange this.

When should you hire a man and van waste carrier service?
Some of the common items that you have to deal with disposing from previous tenants are items such as fridges, televisions, freezers etc. These items are prohibited to be put into a skip for healthy and safety reasons, leaving you with no choice but to hire a man and van service. However, this method of rubbish clearance is efficient since you will usually have help in carrying the heavy loads if you ask for it. Moreover, some companies offer to bill you for only the amount of stuff you carry, unlike hiring a skip, where you have to pay for the whole skip whether you use it completely or not. Depending on how much stuff you need to clear out, a man and van waste carrier hire may turn out to be a better deal than a skip hire.

Both methods of disposal have their suitability, benefits and disadvantages and it depends on what kind of waste you are dealing with and how much to decide which service to use. Either way, it is always advisable that you use a licensed waste carrier that have enough years of experience in doing this, so that you do not have to face issues. Using licensed services also makes it easier to discuss these matters with your tenants and work out a way that works best for both of you.

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