Four Steps To Junk Removal In Croydon

Posted on 04/12/2014

How To Junk Removal In Croydon

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Whether you are trying to make space for the Christmas party you are hosting this year or you have just realized how many things you have accumulated over the year, the clutter inside your abode in Croydon has made you realize that it is time to do some house clearance. Maybe you want to convert the spare room to a room for one of your kids or it is time the attic was used for more than just stowing away stuff, either way, you will probably end up with a variety of stuff, and probably a lot of it, that you don’t need. Moving them into the garage is just another way of postponing the inevitable home clearance that is extremely essential. So this Christmas, before you prepare to bring in the fall, get down to business and get rid of things that you don’t need. Here are some tips on how to do that.

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1.    Sort out
The most time consuming part when doing a domestic clearance in the CR0 region is getting sentimental about junk. You might have rediscovered an old year book or are wondering if you can still fit into that dress. But chances are that if you didn’t remember it existed or have not used it in the last year so, chances are that you won’t be needing them in the future. So don’t waste time reminiscing and sort the stuff according to what can be given away, recycled or sold, and what must end up in the junkyard.

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2.    Sell or give away
Not everything you want to throw away is meant for the junkyard. There are a lot of people in the CR2 who might have some use for your used belongings and there are so many ways you can get in touch with them. If the item is still useful and decent looking, you can give it away to charity. Some charity shops will even come to your door to pick up the stuff, saving you a lot of trouble. On the other hand, if you want to make a quick buck off your old goods, a good idea would be have a clearance sale or auction it on sites like eBay, Gumtree etc. You can name the price depending on whether you want to offer collection or delivery options. Either way, you are more likely to find prospective buyers this way.

skip hire3.    Hire a skip
After you have done all this, if you are still left with things that are of no use to anybody, send them to the landfill in Croydon, CR0. You might want to debate on whether you want to hire an entire skip based on how much stuff you have to discard. If it is not too much and will probably fill the skip only half-way, you might consider sharing it with a neighbor. Alternatively, you might also consider hiring property clearance services that will charge you only for what they remove. Before hiring a skip, you might want to check with the council if it is okay to have one parked on your street on that particular day and time.

waste disposal4.    Don’t be hasty
Although we urge you to be frugal, do not be hasty in clearing out your property. Not only will you end up throwing away stuff that you may really need later on, but you may also put things in the skip that you are not supposed to put in it. Take your time to organize the clear-out and try to minimize the amount of rubbish you dispose of in the landfill.

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