Garden Clearance and Maintenance Tips To Use In Barnet

Posted on 24/12/2014

Ways to Garden Clearance and Maintenance In Barnet

garden clearance

Do you look outside you back window and find that you are faced with a cringe-worthy site? Are overgrown shrubs, out of control trees, and garden beds that are in need of a serious makeover invading your precious backyard space in Barnet? If this scenario is sounding all too familiar, it’s time for some garden clearance and maintenance to put a spring in your step again when you go into your back yard.

The back yard is difficult part of house clearance to perfect. It’s time consuming and involves many different elements. Unlike general home clearance on the inside of a property, yard clearance requires suitable weather conditions to really knuckle down and get the job done. The back yard also has many different elements that need to be cleared. This is basic guide on how handle each aspect when clearing the backyard in your home in the EN5 district.

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When it comes to trees, the main area to focus is on overgrown branches and grass growing out of control around the base of trees. Depending on the type of tree, there can also be a large amount of leaf debris that have fallen. These should be raked up, the grass trimmed around the trunk, and any branches that are looking unhealthy or dead should be cut back to allow for new growth.

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Garden beds
If you garden beds are looking unhappy and need some tender loving care, it is best to start with checking the soil. Ensure the soil is still in quality condition for your plants to be growing. If not, you may need to re-soil and fertilise the ground. Remove any dead plants and take away petal debris that has fallen around the ground. If some plants are still alive but unhealthy, you may want to plant them in a smaller pot and nurture them back to life inside.

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Overgrown hedges can be very unsightly and unwelcoming. When trimming and pruning a hedge in Barnet, N2, always start from the bottom and work upwards. To ensure the top of the hedge is even and well measured, use a ruler or long, smooth object when trimming the top of the hedge.

hedge cutting

Water features
The first to do with a pond or fountain is remove any unwanted leaf debris. Remove these using a net. Then tend to the water plants that are meant to be there. Make sure they are still growing well. Check for mould or unwelcome growths around the edge of the pond or fountain and pay particular care to cracks and crevices.


The garden shed tends to become a dumping ground for various items. The only way to tackle a garden shed clearance is to take everything out and start from scratch. Check all gardening equipment such as rakes and cutting tools and see what condition they are. Replace anything that is broken as these will just prove to be unproductive and take up storage space.

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Now that the most strenuous tasks are done, it’s time to turn your attention to all that green waste and plant trimmings that are making a rather unattractive feature in the corner of your yard in Barnet. It is important that garden waste removal is done properly and managed effectively to prevent any potential long-term issues occurring. For smaller garden clearance jobs there will probably be enough room in your green waste bin. However, if you are having a big overhaul of the back yard, it is recommended to contact home and property clearance services to assist with this step of garden clearance and maintenance. Such services can provide facilities such as skip hire and environmentally friendly green waste removal.

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