Hiring A Skip For A Clearance In Bromley

Posted on 15/04/2015

How to Hiring A Skip For A Clearance In Bromley

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If you have a clearance task ahead of you in Bromley, skip hire is the best solution to make the entire clearing process much easier. A skip will save you time, money and stress for any clearance project. Whether it is a house, property, office or garden clearance or anything else, skip hire is the best option.

The convenient thing with skips is that they come in a range of different shapes and sizes for all purposes possible. Generally skips will be available in Bromley and the BR1 area in the following sizes:

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-    2 cubic metres: ideal for small clean ups
-    2.5 cubic metres: suitable for small domestic or property clearances
-    3 cubic metres: ideal for small to large property
-    4-7 cubic metres: suitable for small renovations
-    7-10 cubic metres: suitable for larger renovations
-    12-15 cubic metres: ideal for large renovation projects and property clearance
-    15 cubic metres or more: very large skip suitable for any purposes

Skips can be used for different waste types. It is important when hiring one to be specific about what type of waste you need it for. For example, if you are only clearing a garden, a green waste skip will be the best. But if you are landscaping and renovating the entire backyard, you should consider a heavy waste one as this accepts more materials. Generally, the types of wastes that such containers can hold include:

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-    General waste: suitable for household waste such as odds and ends, broken appliances, old broken down furniture, garden waste, rubbish. In addition to this, office waste and light construction materials such as metals and wood can also be placed in this type of skip. You should note that you can’t place any liquids, batteries, tyres, food waste, or materials such as concretes or bricks in this type of skip.

-    Green waste: this type is designed for garden waste only. This can include grass, leaves, hedge clippings, branches, shrubs and other natural garden material.

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-    Concrete or bricks: this is the type you would need when dealing with builders’ waste clearance after a renovation or building project. It is only acceptable to place concrete or brick material in this skip.

-    Heavy waste: this is a skip that is ideal when having a garden clearance or backyard landscape. This type holds concrete or bricks, such as if you are re-paving the driveway or pathway in the backyard. It is also used for soils, rocks and tiles which is perfect for a landscaping project. General waste and green waste can also be placed in this skip.

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The amount of waste that you can place in a skip depends significantly on the size of the skip you decide to hire in the BR2 region. Depending on the clearance project that you have, you may need a smaller or larger container. It is best to ring up multiple skip hire companies in Bromley and get a good idea of what services that they have available. Always chat to the customer service representative and explain the clearance project that you have. This will help give you a better indication of what size you may need. The most important thing is to be certain of what type of skip hire you need, and decide the size after this. If in doubt, it is generally best to go with a size larger than you anticipate, to be on the safe side. You may be surprised to see how quickly a skip can fill up!

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