How To Clean And Clear Your Home In Ealing After Having Renovations

Posted on 13/11/2014

Steps For Clean Your Home After the Renovation In Ealing

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It’s great to get your home in Ealing renovated, remodelled or redesigned, but you can often be left with a lot of clearance to get done! If you’re looking for domestic clearance tips, junk removal advice or builders waste clearance help then just have a look at the following points to get you off to the best start possible!

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1)    Assess the mess!
Begin by looking at the affected area and assessing the mess. You’re going to need to consider how long the job will take, what equipment you’ll require, whether or not you’re going to need help and what junk disposal solutions you might have to get in Ealing, W5. Try making a list to ensure that nothing is forgotten about or left to chance, as this can have an effect on the efficiency of your house clearance!

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2)    Purchasing the right tools and equipment.
Once you know how long the job is going to take you can decide on what it is you need to buy. Gardening gloves are a great purchase if you’re dealing with waste disposal as they’ll protect your hands from sharp debris, and you’ll also need bin bags or refuse bags, a stiff-bristled broom for sweeping and cleaning materials. You might already own some of these items, so have a look around your home to see what you have and what you’ll need to buy.

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3)    Make yourself a schedule.
Your domestic clearance can be very easy and efficiently done if you have a schedule and if you stick to it! Make a to-do list of what needs doing, along with a rough timescale. This will help you to keep on-track and will ensure that nothing gets forgotten about.

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4)    Getting rid of waste products.
Garden waste clearance and waste from builders can leave you with a lot to clean up, and it’s important that you take the time to consider safe and responsible waste removal in the W3 area. You might need to hire yourself a skip if you’re dealing with a big clearance job, or you might be able to use refuse sacks if you’re planning on taking your rubbish to your local tip. Before you begin your clearance ensure that your recycling bins are all empty so that you can dispose of recyclables for recycling without any problems.

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5)    Cleaning.
You’re going to need to do a bit of cleaning following your flat clearance or house clearance, so make sure that you have the necessary products to hand. Begin by brushing away waste and debris with a stiff-bristled brush before mopping the floors and wiping down the walls with a damp cloth. Be careful when using any chemical cleaning products if you’ve just had renovation work as some chemicals can react badly.

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6)    Hiring professional property clearance services.
If you feel as though you could use the help of house clearance professionals in Ealing then you can always get in touch with your local clearance company. When hiring any clearance services make sure you’re dealing with an experienced and reputable company. A company that’s reliable will have no problems with coming to your home to look at the job before they begin – this is a much better way to get an accurate price quote, so if you want to avoid price hikes and hidden fees then don’t hire any company that offers you over-the-phone quotes!

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