How To Clear Your Whole Home In Tufnell Park In A Day

Posted on 30/06/2015

Tips To Clear Your Home In A Day In Tufnell Park

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It’s a daunting prospect when you take into account how much rubbish and waste has built up in your home in Tufnell Park over the years. When it comes to changing the look of your home or moving out, the task can seem impossible. Maybe you need everything out to lay new floors and you want to do some rubbish clearance in the process. Or maybe it’s a case of just getting a move done in a hurry. Either way here is how to get the whole thing done in a day.

-    Get a team in place. Whether you are talking to a house clearance company in Tufnell Park, N7 or you are just relying on friends and family, you want to make sure your team is in place. Do plenty of research if you are hiring house clearance professionals, make sure they are just that. You can probably find reviews on your chosen company just by looking online or ask around to see if anyone locally has had experience with them. Make sure you give them clear instructions of everything you want moved so there is no confusion or hidden costs. If its friends that are going to be on hand then make sure you work around them if they are kind enough to help. Find a day that everyone can do and make it fun by offering food and drink for their hard work.

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-    Once you have your team you will need a plan of action, figure out which rooms are going to be the most work and get them done early. Get any furniture disposal done first so that you can make way for the smaller things first. If you have gone for skip hire in N19 then work out a human chain, get your team into positions and have someone on hand at the skip so they can move things around and make sure you are making good use of space.

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-    Get organised. Don’t leave all your planning till the last minute, especially if people are taking the time to come and help. Make sure things are tidy and ready to go. Make sure your sort any boxes and drawers. Create clear piles of all the things that need to go and what needs to stay so you don’t end up accidently throwing things away. If you are moving into a new home or putting things into storage for the time being then it’s a good idea to get this done first if you have that option, that way you have a clear picture of all the junk disposal that needs to be done.

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-    Work top to bottom. If you are doing loft clearance in Tufnell Park as well then start with that and move down the house. As you get more tired the work load will get easier as you have already tackled the stairs and most of the heavy lifting. If you have basement clearance to do as well, get this done early as you may have to carry things up and down stairs and don’t want to do this when you are worn out later. Any garage clearance can be left till last as this will probably be closer to your skip or van.

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There is no denying that clearing a whole house in N7 is a large task, but as long as you plan ahead and get plenty of help then there is nothing to stop you doing it in a day. Make sure you take breaks when needed, keep hydrated and that everyone is happy doing what they are doing.

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