Repurposing Ideas: Old Jeans

Posted on 22/11/2023

Incredible Repurposing Ideas for Old Jeans

recycling old jeans

Usually when you are done with certain clothes, you either seek to give them away or hand them down to someone in the family. In some cases, you simply stash them in your wardrobe and discover them only in the middle of some house clearance process. But that way they only take space which you can use for something else. Of course, that does not mean to add them to the junk disposal heap, but it does mean to start being more creative with them. Depending on how handy you are with the needle and thread, jeans can be repurposed as a variety of new items so sit down with them and think about what you need and whether the jeans can become that item.

oven glove

• Turn a pair of jeans into a pair of gloves
Your old pot holders or oven mitts are torn and worn down, and you just don’t want to use them anymore as they barely offer any protection. Well, this is where your jeans’ pockets come into play. Cut them out, stitch the endings and voila! You now have a pair of perfectly fine pot holders / oven mitts. If you think that the jeans’ fabric will not be enough to protect you from the meal’s heat, then add some padding, maybe from your old pair. Alternatively, you can even make gloves for the winter, and you don’t need the pockets for that. Use the fabric to sew your own classy pair of warm and protective gloves.

DIY bag

• Turn a pair of jeans into a bag
Imagine what a productive bag a pair of jeans will make! You can cut them apart and use the wider parts to make the bag, and you can add a cover, and even leave the pockets on to have extra storage in the bag. The same way you can create a backpack or a shoulder bag by just adding a couple of straps. You can further decorate the bag with stickers, sewing other decorations, badges, or even more parts from the jeans. You can make a hand bag, or just a pen and pencil container, or just about any other item container you can think of, even one for collecting things for rubbish removal after you are done with the creative class.

repurposing jeans

• Turn a pair of jeans into hanging pockets
Cut out the pocket of the jeans and add it a tail so that you can hang it, and now you have a hanging pocket for a variety of items. You can place it in the kitchen and put utensils there, or in the living room as a place to store extra candles, or maybe pens and pencils. Decorate your bathroom with it and you will no longer need a toothbrush stand which you will constantly forget to clean.

jeans quilt

• Turn a pair of jeans into a blanket / cover / rugs / curtains
Cut the jeans well enough, and stitch them back together, and they can become a perfectly fine sheet of fabric which you can use as a blanket, a cover, or just throw it on the floor as an original type of rug. It might look strange at first, but it is the type of fashion you get used to with time, unless you are a big Denim fan and like the fabric. You can use the same method to create window or shower curtains and, if you have enough jeans, refurbish your whole room Denim-style, and you will have very little left for actual junk disposal.

DIY rug

At the end of the day, jeans should neither be given away, or sold, or thrown for waste disposal. They are perfectly fine pieces of fabric that can easily be repurposed into anything from decorations to useful items. So next time you are going through loft clearance and end up with a heap of jeans, think about what you can do with them and not which rubbish bin to throw them in.

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