Simple Ways To Clear Your Loft Waste in Shoreditch

Posted on 31/03/2015

Tips to Make a Loft Clearance Easy in Shoreditch

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So you have a loft in your house in Shoreditch? You've probably thought of many wonderful things you can do with it! You could turn it into that office you always wanted or maybe a secret game room for the kids? Or perhaps even a meditation space you can crawl into when life just gets too tough? The problem, of course, is that your loft currently makes you look like a serious hoarder. Do not despair. Instead, why don't you follow these simple loft clearance tips?

1. Assess the damage
Go up to the loft. Perform a visual survey and decide on what belongs on the rubbish disposal heap and what you would like to keep. What are the main causes of the excess clutter? Perhaps it is old boxes, old furniture or unopened gifts that are causing your clearance sorrows. After you've completed your initial assessment, come up with a plan of attack and decide what materials you'll need to best tackle the problem.

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2. Arm yourself with the right tools
With your visual check out of the way it's time to gather what you need. A sturdy brush, a mop and a bucket are a good place to start. You'll also need a good pair of hard wearing gloves to protect your hands from any injuries when handling potentially unsafe materials. You'll also need some heavy duty refuse bags and depending on what you have in your loft, some extra bags for charity donations. Depending on how much throw away rubbish you are likely to have in your loft in Shoreditch, EC1, consider whether skip hire is a viable option for you.

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3. Get rid of what you no longer use
That toaster that got handed down to you from your aunt's second cousin? That box of old sweaters?  Old paints and DIY building materials? Decide what you are going to do with all the various items you have stored up there – do you know anybody who may have any use of them? Do you have enough things to perhaps hold a car boot sale or are any of them useful enough to donate to the local school?

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4. Cleaning up and getting rid of the waste
Time to sort through the mess. Throw what's definitely going into the rubbish heap into the heavy duty bin bags, put the still useful items into charity bags or set them aside for friends/car boot sale and recycle any old useless stuff like that bunch of magazines you were saving for some unknown reason. After completing these tasks, it's a good time to mop everything up, dust and leave the loft in a better condition than when you first moved in.

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5. Maintaining your clean loft
Even though you have a sparkling clean space that you can turn into that perfect thing you always dreamed of, remember to take a visual check every month or so to make sure you haven't fallen back into old habits and started accumulating unnecessary junk again.

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6. Hiring professional help
Finally it is worth taking note of the fact that if you don't have the time to do all this by yourself there are many clearance companies in the Shoreditch area that will perform loft clearance within most budget ranges. So if time is short, it may be wise to invest in a professional loft clearance crew and watch your loft transform without lifting a single box.

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