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Looking for rubbish removal & garden waste clearance Kenton HA3?

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And let's not forget the garden! Maintaining a clean and clear garden can be difficult for a lot of people. No one intends to stack up clutter and rubbish in their front or back yard. When it does, it can seem a daunting task to choose the right garden clearance company for you. We specialise in garden clearance and offer a wide range of services including garden furniture clearance throughout the Kenton and all over the HA3. Whether you have multiple bulky bags of garden waste or ample piles of old, rusty tools and equipment, we can help. Get in touch and we will take care of everything!

Waste Clearance Prices in Kenton HA3 Tipper Van

Ѕрасе іn thе vаn Сubіс Yаrdѕ Max Weight Lоаdіng Time Рrісе*
Міn Load 1.5 100-150 kg 10 mіn £70
1/4 Vаn 3.5 200-250 kg 20 mіn £90
1/3 Vаn 5 300-400kg 30 mіn £125
1/2 Vаn 7 500-600 kg 40 mіn £170
3/4 Vаn 10 700-800 kg 50 mіn £215
Full Vаn 14 900-1100 kg 60 mіn £275
*Our rubbish removal рrісеѕ аrе bаѕеd оn thе VОLUМЕ аnd thе WЕІGНТ оf thе waste fоr соllесtіоn.

Waste Clearance Prices in Kenton HA3 Luton Van

Ѕрасе іn thе vаn Сubіс Yаrdѕ Max Weight Lоаdіng Time Рrісе*
Міn Load 1.5 150 kg 10 mіn £70
1/4 Vаn 7 500 kg 40 mіn £175
1/3 Vаn 10 800kg 50 mіn £215
1/2 Vаn 14 1000 kg 60 mіn £275
3/4 Vаn 18 1500 kg 90 mіn £435
Full Vаn 24 2000 kg 120 mіn £550
*Our rubbish removal рrісеѕ аrе bаѕеd оn thе VОLUМЕ аnd thе WЕІGНТ оf thе waste fоr соllесtіоn.


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Easy and Cheap Green Waste Clearance Kenton HA3

For high-quality garden sheds clearance Kenton, garden junk disposal HA3, Kenton garden rubbish collection, HA3 forestry waste collecton, Kenton yard waste recycling HA3, garden waste recycling Kenton, patio clearance Kenton HA3 contact us now!

We are proud to offer our services to you in Kenton and beyond. We are committed to providing the best quality of waste removal services available in the HA3 area. Our waste removal professionals have undergone an extensive training program to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills needed to handle your waste safely. Although there is no official certification for our profession, some of our peers suggest that this is a peer-designated matter. In order for us to ensure security for your waste removal, we carry out an independent quality control procedure. You can leave them with confidence knowing that your place will be safely handled by one of our regional managers.

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Garden Waste Collection Kenton HA3 that Makes a Difference

garden waste recycling HA3 It is not uncommon for the decorative fence, old garden kneeler or disused saws to create health and safety issues in the home. Our unrivaled garden shed collection and garden garbage removal services are available throughout Kenton and can help take care of this problem. Whether it is waste collection and disposal or grass cutting collections you might require, we have the professional experts to help you. We offer leading and instructed removal options throughout HA3, so make your home safe again with the right kind of property clearance for you.


Sheila McMahon

The team called in advance, arrived promptly, provided a swift estimate for the price and were cautious in their handling of the item to avoid any harm to the property. They were both extremely kind and respectful.

They seamlessly managed both our furniture waste and household garbage without any extra charges.

I'm delighted with the efficient and reliable service provided by Big Ben, who took care of everything in a matter of 3 hours.
Tiffany Hillin

It was such a relief to have experienced and capable rubbish collectors take care of my items without any problems.

A premier company for eliminating clutter from homes and creating a more inviting living environment. I highly recommend this company's services.

The level of professionalism displayed by Big Ben throughout our house clearance project was impressive; their staff were polite, courteous, and provided exceptional service.

Even on a busy weekend, the company responded promptly to my request and accommodated me for an appointment without any hassle on the next day. Their rates were fair and worth it.
Ken P.

Remembered to book in time and received remarkable assistance from the outstanding,friendly,and proficient team.Excellent experience.I highly suggest this establishment.
Hope C.

Big Ben's customer experience was flawless - they swiftly hauled away my ancient sofas while demonstrating courtesy and proficiency at all times.
Tim L.

I had an outstanding experience with the entire service from start to end. Prompt and professional, they helped me within two hours of my call.
Jane L.

We were so happy to find out about Big Ben and their incredible garden waste clearance services! Our outdoor space looks so much better now, and their low prices make them a great choice.

Just had an excellent experience with Big Ben. Their guys managed to get all my old junk and rubbish disposed of in hardly any time at all. The house looks so spacious now the clutter's gone! Would thoroughly recommend their services to anyone in need of a reliable waste removal service in Kenton.
Ellis J.

Big Ben in Kenton is a reputable and reliable rubbish removal company. I only required them for a refrigerator which they took care of with ease.
Harry Lloyd

My garage in Kenton, HA3 was overflowing and there was too much junk to deal with. I needed a reliable clearance company. Big Ben helped me get rid of everything that I didn't use anymore. They were very diligent and did all the work! Excellent garage clearance service, I must say!
Alex S.

Got Big Ben to do my loft clearance in Kenton, HA3 a few days ago and they surprised me with a great service. The rubbish collectors were punctual and friendly, and showed some great hard-working skills. The loft was taken care of in no time and I am very happy that I chose this company for the job.
Joanna Smith

There is little doubt in my mind that Big Ben offers the best rubbish disposal in the entire in Kenton area. I have had the opportunity to book several times with their junk clearance service and find no flaws in it. It is cheap, always available for booking in HA3 and gets the job done perfectly.

Treat Yourself to Our Amazing Garden Waste Removal Kenton HA3

If you are after tree limbs collection, lawn grass recycling HA3, gardener's wellies recycle, garden debris removal Kenton, disused hammock recycle, HA3 plant debris collection, grass clippings recycling, garden debris pick up, disused saws clearance HA3, old garden kneeler pick up or old tool container collection give us a ring on 020 3743 8686!

garden clearance Kenton Our garden shed collection company has taken several years to perfect our garden waste recycling services in the regions of Kenton. We will now be able to make one appointment whereby we supply grass cutting collections, weeds removal and waste collection and disposal. Conveniently, all the work that you need to be done can be put into one garden shed removal appointment, which our experts are more than proficient at handling with professionally. Our loyal employees are famous for being the best in HA3. Opt for our ultimate services, contact us on 020 3743 8686.

Green Waste Disposal Kenton HA3 with Years of Experience

Have a lot of unwanted items like garden spades, wooden garden paths, garden waste, torn rubber hose, old lawn mowers, disused shovel, disused wheelbarrows, lawn grass, tree limbs, disused saws, disused patio heaters, disused buckets, disused hammock? We will help you get rid of them!

We offer garden rubbish recycling, Kenton garden waste removal, garden garbage removal HA3, garden shed removal, garden shed collection Kenton, garden junk clearance, garden waste removal, affordable garden waste removal, yard waste recycling in HA3, garden garbage removal, fruit pickers collection, budget-friendly twigs removal, recycling of garden waste, top soil disposal around Kenton, twigs disposal near HA3, green garden waste collections.

We know that garden cleaning in Kenton can be just as overwhelming. But our fast acting workers are so used to dealing with large volume of ground clearance tasks that they can decide on an appropriate method of green waste collection within a few seconds. When clients have booked our garden waste collection services in advance, especially garden furniture clearance or woodland rubbish collection, our technicians will arrive with a set plan. With smaller garden junk disposal services in HA3, we still use a plan but do not have to send as much manpower to get the job done in the safest manner.

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